group life insurance

Group life cover provides money to the family and dependents of an employee in the event of the employee’s death. The benefits can be paid as a lump sum or pension, or both.

We can provide group life cover for registered and excepted schemes.

product features

Group Life Insurance Award
Group Life Insurance Award 2016

cover options

Available for two employees or more, no maximum

Insured as a lump sum or death in service pension

Cover available up to age 75
Accurate premium calculations, no averaging

Up to 20x salary available, or any fixed benefit amount

Premium rates are guaranteed for two years
Once and Done medical underwriting completed online

Set up as a registered or excepted scheme

Automatic Acceptance Limit for schemes with five or more employees

Setup as a registered or excepted scheme

Cover available up to age 75

Automatic Acceptance Limit for schemes with five or more employees

master trust

For registered group life schemes, this is a single trust which is setup and administered by professional trustees, PTL. Either new or existing schemes can opt to join the trust at no extra cost. Employers do not need to maintain their own trust or act as trustees in the event of a death, this is done by PTL. 

  • It’s free
  • No need to setup and administer employer own trust
  • No need to wait for HMRC registration
  • Schemes can go on-risk quicker, with no extra forms needed
  • Trust deed and rules kept up to date
  • No need to setup trustee bank account
  • No need for employer to act as trustees

excepted life trust

The excepted life trust is available for all new and existing excepted group life policyholders. It provides a ready to use discretionary trust deed, along with professional trustee services provided by PTL. This ensures that all HMRC requirements for excepted schemes are met efficiently and effectively.

By choosing the excepted life trust, available at no extra cost, employers can be sure their trust deed is properly worded and professional trustees are on hand should a death occur. This speeds up payments to beneficiaries and helps to mitigate unwanted tax liabilities.

Excepted Group Life

how to establish the trust

new policy

1. Download the excepted life trust deed

2. Open the PDF and complete the grey fields in the document (REGNUMBER is the Companies House registration number for the company. Appendix 1 and 2 are for amendments and do not need to be completed when the trust is established.)

3. Save the PDF, then print and sign it

4. Scan the signed document and email it with your application form to

existing policy

If you already have an Ellipse policy you can establish an Excepted Life Trust at any time. Follow the same steps as per New policyholders and indicate the date you wish to start the new trust in the grey date field ‘StartDateofPolicy’ (the trust can’t be backdated so please use a date in the future).

Once signed, please send the scanned document to with your policy number.

how to complete the Excepted Group Life Trust document

online nomination of beneficiary

For registered and excepted schemes we offer an online service that allows employees to make their beneficiary nominations. This is available for employers with less than 100 employees where data is updated quarterly. Once setup employees will receive emails from Ellipse with a link to register online and complete their nominations.

While legally the trustees retain full discretion over how benefits are distributed to beneficiaries, completing a nomination allows the employee to indicate who they would like the benefits to go to. This allows the trustees to take the employee’s wishes into account when determining the most appropriate beneficiaries. It also means that benefits are generally paid to the beneficiaries much quicker.

Winston’s Wish bereavement support

In addition to financial support, we also provide access to a support service for the children and families of those suffering from bereavement. This is through our partnership with Winston’s Wish, which is the country’s leading provider of bereavement services to children and their families.

For every death claim we pay, we donate £100 to Winston’s Wish and in return we provide an information pack to the family about the support services provided by the charity. This includes a helpline, counselling and residential events where children and their families can meet others also dealing with a recent bereavement.

flexible benefits

Group life insurance is also available on a flexible or voluntary benefit basis. This allows employees to choose, within limits, whether they want the benefit and how much they want. Premiums are either paid by the employer, employee or both.  In this arrangement, the employer will still decide on the rules of the scheme (how much cover employees can buy), but employees choose the amount of cover they want.

Cover is only available on this basis for employers with an online employee benefits platform to administer the scheme, including the selection of benefits and payment of premiums. Quotes are available for companies with two employees or more, so small employers can setup these schemes too.

For more information, and to obtain a quote, call our sales team on 0203 003 6262.

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