group income protection insurance

Group income protection provides a replacement salary to an employee who is unable to work due to illness or injury for a prolonged period, usually six months. Up to 75% of an employee’s salary can be covered and payments can continue for a set period such as 5 years for example, or until the employee retires. Effectively extending an employee’s Sick Pay, it provides long term financial security.

We have two products for employers to choose from – Sick Pay and Sick Pay Complete.

our two products

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cover options

A wide range of cover options are available, with the same options available for Sick Pay and Sick Pay Complete

Available for two employees or more, up to 300

Up to 75% of salary available

4, 8, 13, 26, 28, 41 or 52 week deferred periods

Limited payment periods of 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, or benefits paid to cover cease age

Cover available up to age 70

Benefits can escalate in payment

Premiums calculated accurately, no averaging

Pension scheme contributions and NICs can be covered

Premium rates are guaranteed for two years

Own occupation, suited occupation and activities of daily living disability definitions

Automatic acceptance limit for schemes with 5 employees or more

vocational rehabilitation services

Available to all Sick Pay and Sick Pay Complete policyholders, this is a programme of support, guidance, advice and treatment which has the sole aim of returning the employee to full health and back into the workplace following an illness or injury.

Our approach to managing absence is based on the established premise that the earlier the intervention, the better the outcomes. That’s why we will look to help an employee back to work as soon as possible, and no later than the fifth week of absence, rather than wait until the deferred period has expired. This benefits the employee and employer, while also helping to reduce their insurance premiums.

We partner with Proclaim Care, one of the UK’s leading rehabilitation specialists, to offer this service.

Support Matters®

Support Matters®, included in our group income protection product, is a completely confidential employee assistance programme provided by Workplace Options, delivering employee and manager support. It is designed to provide an engaging, useful, everyday support service for employees.

  Up to 4 sessions of clinical counselling

Everyday work-life enquires

  Help with dependent care

Legal information and support


Financial support

   Debt management counselling

Career coaching

group income protectionWorkplace crisis support

Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Shopping discount website

The Support Matters website acts as the information and access hub for all of these services. This is in addition to the core telephone service, which is available 24 hours a day all year round providing in-depth advice and support on all of these topics. Employees can also contact the service by SMS text, email and LiveChat via the Support Matters website.


TeamSeer is an online absence management and holiday planning tool, included within Sick Pay Complete only. It’s provided free of charge for all employees in the company to use, but it must be used to record sickness absence for those covered by the Sick Pay Complete policy.

Once setup, the TeamSeer service will automatically notify our team of any employees absent with conditions that are likely to be receptive to vocational rehabilitation, such as musculoskeletal and mental illness and any absences lasting longer than four weeks.

This early intervention is crucial as it gives us the best possible chance of helping employees return to work successfully and with absence management software integrated, this process is proactive.

 Holidays and other planned absence recording

   Unplanned absence recording, including return to work forms

  Mobile access

  Outlook and Google integration

  Employers control setup and ongoing administration

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