We explored the motivators for employers to buy workplace benefits.
  • 28% of employers primarily buy benefits to reward their staff
  • 21% said attracting new staff was main reason for buying
  • 9 out of 14 industries surveyed said rewarding staff is top reason


The survey of 1,150 employees and 1,001 employers in the UK, conducted in August of this year, explores the reasons why employers buy benefits.


Asked to choose the main reason why they buy benefits; 28% said they do so to reward their staff for their efforts. This was higher than retaining staff (24%), looking after staff (23%) and attracting new talent (21%). Suggesting that for many the reason for buying is more about rewarding existing members of staff, than attracting new ones.


Ellipse Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Morgan said “Of course all of these reasons are important and influence an employer’s decision. But when asked to choose it’s interesting that rewarding staff was the most common reason. While there are economic arguments about attracting and retaining the best staff for the business, which are important, this research shows that employers are more concerned with rewarding their staff and doing the right thing. They want return on investment, but they care too.”

Employer’s motivations for buying benefits do vary by industry also in some cases, although in 9 out of 14 industries surveyed, rewarding staff was still the top reason.


Click here to read the full research report.

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