Ellipse launch benefits benchmark

Ellipse have launched a benefits benchmark aimed at advisers who would like to benchmark their client’s employee benefits with that of their competitors. Using the latest market data from Ellipse’s employee benefits research conducted and published last year, the benefits benchmark allows advisers to compare the benefits typically offered by employers, split by their industry and size.


Together, the tool and research results provide a comprehensive picture of the UK employee benefits market. Advisers can use this information to help their clients bring staff benefits packages more in line with that of their competitors. Enhancing the quality of the service and support they provide to their clients at the same time.


Chris Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ellipse, said; “When we researched the employee benefits market we gathered a lot of data from over 1,000 employers. We thought we’d make the data available in a usable format for advisers to help inform client conversations. While the design of a benefits programme should not be based solely on competitor benchmarking, it can be useful.”


We hope the creation of the benefits benchmark will help advisers to design a bespoke benefit programme for their clients. One that enables them to stand out from their competitors in an increasingly competitive employment market.


The benefits benchmark is now live on the Ellipse website for advisers to use.



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